When you register for our services you can choose your own password or we can make one available to you. If you prefer to choose your own password simply include it in the secure registration form in the section titled “Password”. You will need this Password to open any e-mail documents we send to you.


Send My Mail will ensure that electronic copies of your mail stored on our computer system are adequately protected. We cannot guarantee that all data being stored or sent will not be subject to access by unauthorised third parties. You will need your password to open any attachments we send to you, so it is important your password is kept secure.

Selecting the mail to be scanned
You may receive printed magazines or books via the mail. Due to Copyright regulations we can not scan these documents. We suggest you have these cancelled during your trip, however if these do arrive we will scan the cover, include it in an e-mail and store the item for you (See Free Mail Forwarding). If there is other mail, from particular institutions or companies, which you do not want us to scan and e-mail to you simply note it on the secure registration form.


FREE Mail Forwarding
Each individual registration entitles the member to 450 grams of unscanned mail (items which have not been scanned eg Magazines etc, or mail which you have requested us not to open) to be sent to you at the end of each calendar month, FREE of charge. If the weight exceed 450 grams you will only have to pay for the extra weight and a $2 handling fee. All mail using the “FREE Mail Forwarding” offer is delivered by Australia Post, who provide a selection of services and time-frames depending on destination. Tracking is available on Australia Post items for an additional fee of $10, or if you prefer we can use courier services. Courier Services are usually faster in getting the mail to you, however they are also usually more expensive. If you select to use a courier service, you will pay all costs.
It is your responsibility to choose which mail is to be scanned or forwarded. You may at anytime advise us of amendments to your original selections of mail to be scanned/forwarded. This needs to be done by e-mail and include your code number/password in the e-mail. Approx one weeks advanced notice is required.


Frequent Mail Forwarding.
We also provide the service of forwarding un-scanned mail on an as required basis. However, this service requires payment prior to despatch, includes an administration fee, and is available as an extra service.
If you require this service please contact us for more information once your registration has been confirmed.


Mail Storage
All mail is stored in a secure environment within our office and is provided the same level of security, whether it has already been scanned, or is awaiting to be dispatched. Electronic copies of your mail are protected by encrypted security systems as well as physical security.